27 inch planter with self watering insert



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27 inch planter with self watering insert


This Steel Self-Watering street planter with polyethylene hydroponic insert is constructed with 2″ wide x 1/8″ galvaneal steel slats mounted on 2-inch double-concentric riser rings for stability and preventing direct ground contact. The steel planter is available your choice of 6 colors. The self watering insert is available only in black.
• Heavy duty rotary molded self-watering insert
• Zinc advantage paint system
• Planter Dimensions with self watering Insert: 24″ OD x 26″ Tall
• Planter Diameter: 26″
o Planter Weight with self-watering insert: 105 Lbs.
o Pallet Shipping Dimensions: 36″ wide x 40″ long x 35″ Tall
o Shipping Weight: 145 Lbs. (Planter, Skid & Insert)
o Soil tray removes easily to off-site location, eliminating public disturbance while planting.
o Insert is 1/2 filled with water, 1/2 filled with soil.
o Insert water capacity: 10 Gallons
o 3 Hydrating wicks draw water from the well of the insert to your plants’ roots via natural capillary action.
• Water savings – Main well harvests & stores rain water and nourishes for weeks or months saving up to 400 gallons per year per planter.
• Eliminates daily watering, reducing liability and labor costs.
• Your plants grow strong and healthy, and no water’s wasted!
• After 48 days the WaterWell planter outperformed the conventional planter.

Additional information

Weight 145 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 36 × 35 in
Color Options

Black, Blue, Bronze, Burgundy, Green, Silver


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