Park Avenue 36 Gallon Square Receptacle


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Includes plastic liner.


The Park Avenue 36 gallon square receptacle is a durable unit made with heavy duty welded construction all steel slats. Each unit comes with a full rain guard recycled plastic top lid with scratch resistance, a heavy duty rotary molded polyethylene liner, and anchor kit. The Park Avenue 36 gallon square receptacle comes in a variety of colors like black, green, bronze, silver gray, burgundy, or blue. Custom colors are available on request. Each unit is painted with our Powdered Coat Zinc Advantage paint system that includes a rich primer, and super TGIC Polyester Paint. Heavy duty laser cut 18 gauge stainless steel plaques are available for labeling receptacles.

Additional information

Weight 168 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 30 × 36 in
Plaque Options

Cans/Bottles, Compost, Landfill, No Plaque, Paper, Plastic, Recyclables, Recycling Mobius, Trash


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